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This website is intended to be an educational tool only. We wrote these pages to help you understand the rules and steps required to lawfully immigrate to the United States. The content is only meant to help you make a more educated decision when applying for an immigration process or working with your immigration attorney.

Catholic Charities Milwaukee only offers legal advice to their contractual clients. For personal legal advice, please hire an experienced immigration attorney to take your case. We do not recommend that you apply for any immigration processes without legal counsel. Unfortunately, the case load at Catholic Charities Milwaukee is often at full-capacity. If you do not already have an immigration attorney, our page about How to Hire a Lawyer can help you start your search. There you will also find our referral list of competent immigration attorneys in the Milwaukee area.

Additional Resources

When you have to depend on your lawyer to help you navigate and understand your options, it is especially important to find someone trustworthy and competent.

Refugees coming to the United States must make several adjustments, and often have questions about green cards, citizenship, and work permits.

These three immigration mistakes could seriously hurt your chances of getting a green card, or lawfully immigrating to the United States.