Integration and Education

Refugees and immigrants of all backgrounds can benefit from the free education and integration services we offer. It’s hard to learn new systems, customs, processes, and languages. But with support from Catholic Charities Milwaukee, you can better understand American culture, prepare for citizenship, learn English, and more.

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Integration Services Overview

Program Description

Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigrant Services works with refugee and immigrant communities, and other partners, to design programs that leverage community strengths to better integrate refugees and immigrants into communities across southeastern Wisconsin.

Integration is an ongoing process in which refugees, immigrants, and Americans grow together to develop strong economic, social, cultural, and civic connections, resulting in more secure, vibrant, and cohesive communities. To foster integration, our programs help participants develop language skills and cultural knowledge, promote social bridges and bonds, and encourage U.S. citizenship. By offering a range of learner-centered trainings, participants build real-life knowledge, cultural awareness, and skills they want to help them succeed. Classes are taught by trained volunteers and staff in English or with interpretation, and hosted at client-accessible locations.


All of our programs are open to anyone who came here as a refugee or immigrant and any of their children born in the United States. All classes are offered free of charge to participants. 

Current Offerings


Dates and Times Vary

Community members visit refugees in their homes once a week for 1-2 hours to offer peer-to-peer support. Participants develop English skills, explore their communities, and discuss solutions to challenges. This program strongly encourages strengthening families and building positive relationships among participants.


Date and Times Vary

One-on-one and small group classes help prepare participants to pass their naturalization USIS interviews, with emphasis on the 100 civics questions and talking about the N-400.

Community Education in Refugee Languages

With funding through the Wheaton Franciscans, Catholic Charities is working in partnership with the Milwaukee Public Schools to build a resource library of newcomer parent videos to support refugee and immigrant communities as they navigate complex systems and life in the US. Contact Anastassia Christensen if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions for future videos based on community goals and needs you notice. 

Click here for a listing of all videos.

Refugee Advisory Board

By Invitation Only

This group connects leaders from diverse refugee communities in Milwaukee for peer-to-peer support and capacity building. At RCAB’s request, Catholic Charities provides assistance for community-led initiatives on topics like COVID-19 prevention and youth mentoring. RCAB gives Catholic Charities recommendations for program development.


To register for one of our programs, contact Claire Reuning for English, Spanish, and French.

Phone: (414) 771-2881


OR contact or Hasnah Hussin for English, Rohingya, Malay, Burmese, Hindi, Urdu, or Punjabi.


Frequently Asked Questions

Integration and Education FAQ

Potential participants or their family and friends can call Claire Reuning at 414.771.2881. She can speak with you in English, Spanish, or French.

Contact Claire Reuning at 414.771.2881 to see if we can create something to meet your needs. She can speak with you in English, Spanish, or French.

All classes are free.

Classes are held at Catholic Charities offices, at community locations like libraries, and in participants’ homes.

Some programs have a minimal English requirement, but others do not. Call Claire Reuning at 414.771.2881. She can speak with you in English, Spanish, or French.

Some classes can be offered in your language if we have enough participants. For more information, contact Claire Reuning at 414.771.2881. She can speak with you in English, Spanish, or French.

If there are required materials for your program, Catholic Charities will provide them.

It depends on where the meeting is held and the type of class you are attending. Contact Claire Reuning at 414-771-2881 ahead of time so that childcare can be arranged, if possible.

Of course! Sometimes we need to learn things multiple times before it sticks.

Great! Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities. You will be redirected to the Catholic Charities Milwaukee page at 

Additional Resources

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