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Immigration Updates | October 2023

Recently there have been many changes to the immigration process in the United States, especially for people trying to come to the U.S. to claim asylum. If you are trying to enter the United States at the southern border, there are a few ways to do so currently.

1. Form i-134a

First, if you are from Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua, or Ukraine, you can use Form I-134A. You will need to have family or friends in the U.S. who are willing to sponsor you. Going through this process can help you to get something called “parole”, which will then allow you to enter the United States lawfully.

Follow the link here to learn more about this process.

2. CBPOne App

If you do not complete the I-134A before trying to enter the U.S. or cannot because of your nationality, you can use something called the CBPOne app to schedule an appointment with Customs and Border Patrol, who will then decide if you are eligible to apply for asylum in the U.S.

3. Borders

You may have heard that the United States government is turning away immigrants at borders, and deporting people who try to enter. This means that if you enter the United States unlawfully, you can be removed back to Mexico, and banned from reentering the U.S. for a number of years.

This policy is currently still in place, although it is being argued in the courts. A final decision will not come for a number of weeks or months, but we will post updates as they happen.


While there are many rumors about how people can enter the U.S. and claim asylum, it is important that you get information from a trusted source, such as major news agencies. Please keep in mind that paying coyotes or smugglers to get you into the United States is often NOT SAFE. Please try to find the safest way possible for you and your friends or family to enter the U.S.

Last updated: 10-05-2023

Immigration law is always changing. We will do our best to keep our website as up-to-date as possible, but the latest information might be more readily available at These pages were written to help you better understand your legal options, however, none of the information published by Catholic Charities Milwaukee should be considered legal advice. If you plan to open your own immigration case, hire an immigration attorney to consult you personally.