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Our goal is to replace rumors with accurate information about immigration in the United States. We are an attorney-driven program, here to help you understand your best legal options.

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Serving People of All Faiths

Catholic Charities programs serve people of all faiths, or no faith. We help those who are most vulnerable in our communities by empowering individuals and supporting families who are in need. Some clients pay a fee for our services, but we do not turn away anyone who cannot afford it. We respect people of all backgrounds, and we welcome anyone who needs us. 

“The measure of the greatness of a society is found in the way it treats those most in need, those who have nothing apart from their poverty.” 

– Pope Francis

Legal Services for Immigrants

We specialize in immigration law. Our practice only focuses on helping immigrants find their options to lawfully reside in the United States. 

We DO NOT Address Cases Such As:

General Cases

Refugee Help

A refugee is someone who has fled their home country to escape persecution. Refugees have legal rights to stay in the United States, but there are formal processes one must follow.

Immigrant Help

The United States was founded by immigrants who needed a new start in life. However, there are several steps immigrants must take before they can permanently and lawfully live here.

Specific Cases

Immigration Help for Religious Workers

Immigrants coming to the United States as religious workers have a unique set of steps to follow before they can lawfully and permanently reside here.

Detained Immigrant Help

Because newcomers to the United States do not have the same rights as natural born citizens, any legal defense needs to be proceeded with extra caution. If you have loved ones who are detained, there are ways you can help them.


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Find the Right Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer can be intimidating, but it is worth your time to lawyer shop until you find someone who you think will do the best job for you and your family. But how do you find a trust-worthy and competent lawyer?

How You Can Help

Catholic Charities Milwaukee helps low-income individuals and families who may otherwise not have access to similar services. If you would like to help the immigrant and refugee community in Southeastern Wisconsin, explore the volunteer opportunities in our program or consider making a donation.

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Additional Resources

Catholic Charities Milwaukee offers free programs to help refugees and immigrants understand American culture, prepare for citizenship, learn English, and more.

Refugees coming to the United States must make several adjustments, and often have questions about green cards, citizenship, and work permits.

These three immigration mistakes could seriously hurt your chances of getting a green card, or lawfully immigrating to the United States.